item: Pink Priest “Kiss Like Cannibals” Tape/CDr

Pink Priest
“Kiss Like Cannibals”

Bombing minimalist beats under a wave  of thick foggy synth layers, with distorted brooding vocals. Picking influences in new age, noise, electronic, lo-fi music, and bedroom pop, the ever prolific William Cody Watson (Gremlynz, Malibu Wands, Wild Safari,etc.) made a stunning little EP with Kiss Like Cannibals. This is the first release I actually bought from Pink Priest and it has to be one of my favorite release from him. It has got such a strong aesthetics with a logo that is very much black metal and an amazing cover drawing. A noise layer cover the otherwise pure and relaxing music atmosphere. It’s a sermon told in a dream, taking location in a bath house, very spiritual, prophetic and nightmarish, ending on a perfect “sinking in the water” moment with the song bathwater. For me it’s a definite essential to dark electronic underground music. It can be bought on, or send me an e-mail at to order.


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